The Town Engineer is responsible for town mapping, supervision of municipal construction projects, preparation and management of the town’s drainage plan, flood plain management, review of all subdivision plans, approval of private development construction, long-range utility planning, and compliance with state and federal regulations concerning water utilities and storm water.


East Stacy Road Design

The Town of Fairview will be making improvements to Stacy Road, from the entrance of the Thompson Springs subdivision all the way to Orr Road. This portion of Stacy Road will have the asphalt removed and will be reconstructed with concrete. This reconstruction will additionally allow an opportunity for pedestrian traffic. As such, the existing bike lane and sidewalk along Stacy will be extended all the way to Orr Road.

  Stacy Road 90% Plan Set - March 2017


Waterline Additions

With more development coming in East Fairview, the Town has been able to extend its water distribution system. The Town is now able to serve some of the Milligan water customers. Water rates will go down for those who were once on Milligan, because Fairview charges less than Milligan.

Stacy Road Construction Update

The Stacy Road widening project saw several delays throughout fall due to utility relocations that took longer than expected. The clearing and roadbed preparation for the two new lanes on the North side is commencing. Underground storm drains are being extended in preparation for the first two of the future four, concrete lanes. The $20 million Stacy Road project is being funded jointly by TxDOT, Collin County, State Highway 121 Regional Toll Revenue and the Town of Fairview. If you wish to receive regular updates on the construction, please visit to sign up for email and/or text message alerts.

View the entire Stacy Road Construction Plans, warning this is a large file.

Learn about current bid and contract opportunities available to consultants, service providers, contractors, vendors, or suppliers.

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Current bid projects. 

   BID NOTICE: East Stacy Road Reconstruction

  East Stacy Road Construction Plans

    BID NOTICE: Lift Station Removal - Bid and Construction Plans

The Town of Fairview is a member of the National Flood Insurance Program.

This means that anyone in Fairview can purchase low cost flood insurance from FEMA, regardless if your home is located in the flood plain.

  • Under no circumstances should fill be hauled into the 100 year flood plain.
  • No new structures should be built or installed within the 100 year flood plain.
  • All existing structures within the 100 year flood plain should be insured for flood damage.
  • Insurance companies or mortgage lenders may require flood insurance, even if your home is not in the flood plain. It’s up to you to provide documentation from FEMA that your home or structure has been removed from the flood plain if they ask. Please contact the engineering department if you need assistance.
  • All development within the 100 year flood plain must be permitted by the engineering department.
  • Flooding in and around creeks increase over time due to upstream development and convergence with other streams. For example, Sloan Creek floods at the east end due to Wilson Creek flooding from upstream development in McKinney.
  • New flood maps released in 2009 took some homes out of the 100 year flood plain and put others within the flood plain. Please contact the engineering department to determine if your home has changed.

FEMA Homepage

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Stormwater Quality

According to the General Prohibition of the Storm Water Quality Standards, no person shall introduce any discharge that is not entirely composed of storm water into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). The following is a summarized list of substances that cannot be included in this discharge. For the full list of substances and regulations please view the Storm Water Quality section in the Town's ordinances.

Stormwater Quality Partial List

Stormwater Quality Standards


Welcome to the drainage section for the Town of Fairview.

The engineering department would like to give you just a few Do’s & Dont’s when it comes to drainage in and around your home or property. Below is the Town's Stormwater Ordinance for more information on drainage requirements.

If you are experiencing any high speed water flows, near flooding, water pooling, or any other issues regarding stormwater, fill out our Drainage Questionnaire and send it to the Town Engineer.

Fairview Stormwater Ordinance

CPDD Master Plan Drainage and Open Space Study - Maps Only(Large Download File)

CPDD Master Plan Drainage and Open Space Study(Larger Download File).

Useful Links

FEMA Homepage

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Fairview Code of Ordinances

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FEMA Flood Map Service Center


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