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Top News

Top News

vote 3d

November 4, 2014 General and Special Elections

Early voting dates are and times:
  • October 20-24 – 8am-5pm
  • October 20-24 – 8am-5pm
  • October 25 – 7am-7pm
  • October 26 – 1pm-6pm
  • October 27-31 – 7am-7pm
Nearby voting locations for Fairview residents:
  • Allen Municipal Courts Facility – 301 Century Pkwy (Allen)
  • Collin County Elections Office – 2010 Redbud Blvd, Suite 102 (McKinney)
  • Lovejoy ISD Admin Building – 259 Country Club Rd (Fairview)
Election Day voting is Tuesday, November 4th from 7am-7pm. Nearby locations include:
  • Allen Municipal Courts Facility – 301 Century Pkwy (Allen)
  • Collin County Elections Office – 2010 Redbud Blvd, Suite 102 (McKinney)
  • John Q. Hammons Center-Courtyard Marriott – 210 E Stacy Rd (Allen)
  • Lovejoy High School – 2350 Estates Pkwy (Lucas)
  • Lucas City Hall – 665 Country Club Rd (Lucas)
For additional locations, sample ballots and more information, please visit the Collin County Elections website.

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Update

September 1st through October 31st, Fairview residents are permitted to water once a week with sprinklers and irrigation systems. In recent months residents were only permitted to water once every two weeks. Fairview residents should continue to water on their permitted day, as shown in the town’s Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Zone Designation Map. In addition to residents being permitted to water once every week (effective 9/1/2014), all other watering restrictions will continue to be in effect. Please see the Watering Restrictions tab located above for details related to this update.


Revised Brush/Bulk Collection Schedule

Beginning October 1, 2014, the residents of Fairview will encounter changes to their bulk/brush collection dates.  Due to the growth of the town since the approval of the original bulk/brush collection schedule and the increased demand for bulk services, specifically brush services, it has been difficult to meet the demands of the current bulk/brush  collection dates.  This has resulted in complaints and delayed pickups.  The Town of Fairview and Allied Waste are making certain changes in the bulk/brush collection schedule that will allow for the fluctuation in bulk volumes and establish a program that should work as the town continues to build out.  The town is not making any changes to the normal trash and recycling schedules, only to the bulk/brush collection dates.  The Town of Fairview understands this new schedule may require some adjustments to residents; however, the new schedule should allow for more efficient bulk/brush collection service.  The new schedule should allow for better service within the town with no additional costs to the Town or its residents.  The map and calendar in the attachment below illustrates the new schedule.  The new schedule will become effective the first full week in October (Monday, October 6th) at 7:00 a.m.  If you have any further questions you can contact the Town of Fairview Utility Billing office at 972-886-4242.

icon Revised Brush/Bulk Collection Schedule


2014 Fairview Citizen Survey Results

The results of the 2014 Fairview Citizen Survey were recently presented at the April 1st Town Council meeting. The purpose of the survey was to seek citizen opinions and priorities, determine satisfaction levels, and to generate ideas on how to move our town forward. While brief and easy to complete, the survey covered a broad range of topics, from roads and code enforcement to leisure services and communication efforts. Based on total households that received the survey, a collection rate of 28% was calculated. The Town Council and town staff would like to thank all Fairview residents that took time to contribute to this effort. To access the results of the 2014 Fairview Citizen Survey click here. 


Hazardous Weather: An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness
Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness was written by FEMA and designed to better prepare citizens for dangerous weather such as tornadoes and other major events. One of the two documents being provided below is specific to tornadoes and was pulled directly from the larger FEMA document Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness, which has also been provided below. When faced with the threat of dangerous weather, always listen and watch for information related to Collin County and the Town of Fairview. Also, always be prepared to take shelter immediately. Where you take shelter will depend upon your location at that time. The documents below will give you specific recommendations for specific locations.

Watering Restrictions

Watering Restrictions



Stage 3 Watering Restrictions Update For September and October 2014

In an August 28, 2014 news release, the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) announced that effective September 1, 2014, to ensure water quality is maintained throughout the water distribution systems, NTMWD is recommending its Member Cities and Customers allow landscape watering once a week with sprinklers or irrigation systems through the end of October 2014.

Effective September 1, 2014 the Town of Fairview will proceed with following the recommendation of the NTMWD. This means that Fairview residents are permitted to water once a week with sprinklers and irrigation systems from September 1st through October 31st. In recent months residents were only permitted to water once every two weeks. Fairview residents should continue to water on their permitted day, as shown in the town’s Stage 3 Zone Designation Map (see below). In addition to residents being permitted to water once every week (effective 9/1/2014), all other watering restrictions will continue to be in effect and enforced.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires that water providers maintain chlorine residuals in transmission and distribution systems to assure water quality so that the treated water supply is safe for use. Annually, chlorine residuals are depleted by increases in temperature during summer months. During the summer of 2014, NTMWD consumers have reduced their water usage so well that maintaining chlorine residuals has been compounded by the decreased demands.

To maintain water quality, NTMWD’s Member Cities and Customers perform flushing of hydrants to remove the water that has decreased chlorine residuals. To improve the circulation and increase the water flow within the water systems, allowance of once per week watering with sprinkler or irrigation systems will assist in maintaining the required chlorine residuals. NTMWD Member Cities and Customers will continue to monitor water quality within their systems.

The combinations of periodic summer rain events and reduced water usage facilitates the NTMWD’s ability to move to once per week watering for the two month period of September and October, While water quality remains the top priority, water conservation and the wise use of water is still critical to maintain our current available supplies until the drought eases. Lavon Lake is currently at elevation 479.37’ and the once-per-week watering allowance should only decrease Lavon Lake’s elevation by less than 2 feet and still not require initiation of Stage 4.

To receive a recommendation for how much supplemental water your lawn actually needs based on weather conditions, sign up at www.WaterMyYard.org. More information and tips on water conservation can be found at www.northtexaswateriq.org and www.ntmwd.com.

Stage 3 Details

In addition to the current Stage 3 watering restrictions, the Town will continue to implement restrictions listed in Stages 1 and 2. Below you will find more details related to the current Stage 3 watering restrictions that are approved for September and October 2014.   

Landscape watering with sprinklers and/or irrigation systems at each service address is limited to once every week, and is prohibited from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from April 1st to October 31st. The day of the week you water will continue to be the day that was originally established for Stage 3 watering restrictions. This system is based on being located in one of four zones that the town has been broken into for watering purposes. The zone you’re in determines which day watering is allowed. For example, if you live in Zone 3 you can only water on Wednesday during Stage 3 restrictions. CLICK HERE TO  SEE: Stage 3 Zone Designation Map

Exceptions for Stage 3 watering restrictions are as follows:

  • Foundations, new landscaping, new plantings (first year) of shrubs, and trees may be watered for up to 2 hours on any day by a hand-held hose, a soaker hose, or a dedicated zone using a drip irrigation system.
  • Golf courses may water greens and tee boxes without restrictions.
  • Locations using other sources of water supply for irrigation may irrigate without restrictions.
  • Registered and properly functioning ET/Smart irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems may irrigate without restrictions.
  • Hosing of paved areas, buildings, or windows is allowed.
  • Operation of all ornamental fountains is allowed.
  • Existing swimming pools can be drained and refilled.
  • Hydroseeding, hydromulching and sprigging are allowed.

Stage 3 Watering Restriction Documents:

There are many other opportunities to help conserve water. Below are a variety of other tips that you might find helpful:

  • Repair leaks, running toilets, dripping faucets, and broken sprinkler heads.
  • Water in the morning or evening when the temperatures are cooler.
  • Plant native, drought tolerant plants that require less water.
  • Adjust your lawn mower to at least one notch. A taller lawn holds more moisture.
  • Water only when plants look like they need it. Most plants die from over-watering.

Some excellent resources regarding smart landscaping and water conservation are:

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Planning & Zoning

Planning and Zoning


To review current Planning and Zoning items, please click here and select the "Current Planning" tab. For questions or concerns, please contact Planning Manager Ken Schmidt at kschmidt@fairviewtexas.org or 972-562-0522 ext. 5094.




Renew Your Alarm Permit

Every year beginning January 1st Alarm Permits must be renewed. Permits can be renewed at www.fairviewtexasalarm.com or at the Town Hall.  For a Residential permit the renewal fee is $25 and for a Commercial permit the renewal fee is $50.

TAPS Transit Service    

TAPS Public Transit can provide Fairview residents with on-demand curb-to-curb rides when scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Residents can schedule rides to keep medical appointments, go shopping, attend an event, and for almost any reason. TAPS will pick you up, take you to your destination, and take you home. In order to schedule a ride for the next business day, you must call before 3:00 p.m. the day before. To schedule a ride call (800) 256-0911. To learn more about TAPS and the services they offer, please visit their website at http://tapsbus.com


Job Postings

Job Postings


POSITION: Maintenance Worker

Posted 9/2/14

STATUS: Fulltime (2 positions)

AVAILABILITY: Immediate; open until filled

Click here to learn more.

POSITION: Police Officer

Posted 1/20/14

STATUS: Fulltime

AVAILABILITY: Immediate; open until filled

Click here to learn more.

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