Stacy Road Construction

TXDoT UPDATE: as of May 1, 2018


I have been getting several calls about the “lack of construction” on Stacy Rd.  Maybe we can answer some of the ongoing questions about the issues we are experiencing with this project. 

The week of October 16th 2017 Ed Bells pipe crew hit the CoServ gas line in front of CVS at the corner of Stacy and Angel Parkway.  They were installing the storm water drain line and curb inlets for Phase II of the project.  When this happened the contractor and TxDOT realized there was a potential issue with the gas line location.  After some discussion it was determined the gas line needed to be excavated at each side street.  The major problem with that is the gas line was bored in and it’s located in solid rock which makes it extremely slow to excavate due to the line in rock and the line being a poly line that can be punctured easily with heavy equipment.  CoServ began potholing(excavating) at the locations TxDot and Ed Bell determined were necessary shortly within a couple of weeks after the line being hit at CVS. We determined there were a minimum of 20 locations we wanted potholed and CoServ has been working pretty much every day on this process since starting in early November. We are now within a few holes of being complete with this part of the process.  While this has been going on Ed Bell has been working where they could. They have poured sidewalks, some driveways, and the majority of the crossovers between the East and West bound lanes.  TxDOT inspectors and our surveyor have collected data on each line as it is uncovered. Our engineers then use this data to reformulate a plan to see where we can put our line and inlets to minimize any conflicts or movement of other utilities.  We are always talking with CoServ techs on site to get this done as quickly as possible, but we realize the danger of digging, chipping rock and using jackhammers in solid rock to find a plastic gas line is dangerous at best. We recognize their need to go slow as they get closer to the line, safety is number one, we do not want anyone hurt.

As we have potholed many locations we began noticing there were more potential conflicts with the Allen Water line through this project.  About a month ago we started the process of Allen potholing their water line and sewer line along the South side of Stacy Rd to see if it will impact the storm drain too. We are following the same process as the gas line for this, potholing and collecting location and elevation data on the lines.  We have shot over a hundred locations so far and have more to go.

TxDOT wants to complete this work and redesign the storm drain to work around the utility lines to minimize the need to move lines.  Once this work is complete we will bring the contractor back in to complete the project without any more stoppages. The section from Lost Creek to Angel Parkway is the area of greatest concern for potential movement of a gas line. Anywhere you see paving we are about 85 % complete in that area. We just need to finish driveways, sidewalks, and some curb inlets.

I hope this addresses a majority of your concerns, and I hope in the next couple of months we can get this project moving again at a faster pace.  It is my belief once the storm drain line is resolved, we will be working at a much faster pace to get it completed.  Feel free to call or come by and talk directly to me anytime.



Contact Mark Neathery with TxDOT with any questions or concerns at 214-931-4335 or

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